African Aloe


  •       Natural Relief from Constipation
  •       NON addictive
  •       Both laxative and stool softener
  •       Potent colon cleanser
  •       Pure South African Cape Aloe Ferox
  •       VEGETARIAN capsule contains 500mg of Cape Aloe Ferox

Since ancient times, aloe have been recorded in Egyptian hieroglyphs and in the San and Khoi rock paintings and has a long history of medicinal uses in traditional cultures. Africa has over 360 species of the genus Aloe linneus of which the Aloe ferox is the most used and commercially produced in South Africa. In ‘ferox’, the bitter Aloin is found just under the skin and can easily be separated from the gel-like inner leaf. The Aloe ferox has been found to have a 28% higher level of Aloin and 36% more amino acids than Aloe vera, which is indigenous to America.

The bitter exudate, the sap that seeps from the plant is accredited with having laxative properties and helps with digestion.

The main active ingredient, the anthraquinone, aloe-emodin, works as an intestinal anti-inflammatory and effective natural constipation releif – natural laxative and colon cleanser.

Unlike chemical or other plant laxatives, which are harsh and direct, the action of aloe is gentler and indirect—in fact, mediated–which prevents the body from becoming “used” to it making it the only NON ADDICTIVE natural constipation releif- natural laxative on the market.

The exact mechanism is that Aloe Ferox is potent purgative. The compound Aloin is metabolized by colonic flora into aloe-emodin which is an active component. Aloe-emodin exerts its action by disturbing the equilibrium between the absorption of water from the intestinal lumen via an active sodium transport, and the secretion of water into the lumen by a prostaglandin-dependent mechanism (increased water volume into the intestine). By this mechanism, the bowel it stimulated for movement. It does not directly stimulate the muscles, unlike other laxatives therefore it will not cause lazy bowels. Aloe-emodin also will soften the stool by this mechanism, therefore it doesn’t have to be combined with stool softener.

Aloe Ferox is also known to have antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects and it is positioned as having immune boosting properties, and as an aid in treating viral infections. Aloe Ferox is also known for its detoxing effect.

Additional Information

Adults – For occasional constipation take 1 capsule at bedtime. May take 1 capsule up to the 3 times a day.


To support stubborn constipation naturally.


Do not exceed 3 capsules a day it may result in diarrhea. Not for children, not for use if pregnant and breastfeeding. May cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain or diarrhea. Discontinue if any of these occur. If you are taking prescription medications, contact your health professional before use. If allergy of sensitivity occurs, stop taking the product.

Full Globe


  • Natural relief for digestive upset
  • Increase bile flow: choleretic
  • Overall positive metabolic effect (balancing cholesterol, blood sugar)
  • Protects liver
  • VEGETERIAN capsule contains 500mg of Full Globe Artichoke

Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) leaf extract was one of the few herbal remedies which the clinical and experimental trials have complemented each other. C. scolymus inhibits the digestive enzymes such as pancreas lipase, α-amylase, α-glucosidase, it is CHOLERETIC- increases the bile secretion, inhibits of inflammation and ROS, improves liver function, gut microbiota, enhances lipolysis and lipid metabolism, and reduces blood glucose in preclinical and clinical studies.

The artichoke leaves contain a number of phenolic acids, flavonoids (rutin, luteolin), cynarin and sesquiterpenes (especially caryophyllene and beta-selinene). It also contains tannins, sugar substances, inulin, mucus substances, phytosterols (taraxasterol), essential oil, provitamin A and several enzymes.

The efficacious HYPOLIPIDEMIA effect, published in many studies, is due to cynarin and luteolin components that play a crucial role in inhibiting cholesterol and triglycerides synthesis by regulation of HMG-CoA reductase activity and by increasing the fecal excretion of bile acids that follows a significant decrease in LDL cholesterol.

HEPATOPROTECTIVE effect of Cynara extract is reported with reducing the cholesterol biosynthesis and the oxidation of LDL. Artichoke has been found to decrease the production of reactive oxygen species, the oxidation of low-density lipoproteins, lipid peroxidation, and protein oxidation and increase the activity of glutathione peroxidase.

Current studies suggested that extracts from leaves of cynara scolymus has been discovered to help with metabolic disorders (hyperglycemia, inflammatory disorders and abnormal lipid profiles).

Researches have shown lowering in postprandial hypoglycemia and overall improvement in fasting blood sugar with Artichoke consumption. The proposed mechanisms were: by affecting glucose absorption and as an antioxidant it delays depletion of stomach and bowels which inhibited alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase enzymes in bowels and blocked glucose transportation to blood. On the other hand antioxidants have insulin-like effect and increase glucose absorption in peripheral tissue. Another probable mechanism is influencing beta-cells, repairing damage cells, and stimulating these cells to secrete insulin.

Additional Information

Adults – Take 1 capsule 3 times a day.


Used to help relieve digestive upset and to help increase bile flow.


If hypersensitivity/allergy occurs stop using this product.
Do not use if you have a bile duct obstruction. If you are pregnant or have gallstones, consult with the health practitioner before use.