Perfect duo in weight loss

Sloth MD Perfect Duo


Cape Aloe & Artichoke 


Necessary addition to your weight loss protocols and more.


Are you utilizing novel injectable medications in your weight loss protocols? 

Are your patients following diligently a low carb high protein diet? 

Are they struggling with the side effects of the novel drugs, and how can you support them in reaching their goal with the least struggles? 


Effortless weight loss in fact is very appealing however it is known some uncomfortable side effects may be very debilitating and bothersome. So much so, some of the patients get discouraged, can not continue and/or have little or no results at all.  


Medication induced constipation can contribute to  serious problems such as: headaches, toxification, confusion, brain fog, fatigue and more but in the light of desired outcome quite often these are  overlooked. 


Why would you want to incorporate Sloth MD products in weight loss protocols?


Cape Aloe: First and only 500mg vegetarian capsule in the purest, native form

  • Potent, but non-addictive: stimulates colonic motility without stimulating colonic muscle directly like other stimulant laxatives. 

  • Acting locally by not absorbing with no known interaction with medications

  • Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, antimicrobial, anti-fungal therefore CLEANSING- with natural chemical compounds it is cleansing the bowel that otherwise is compromised with slower emptying and induced constipation.

  • Suitable for chronic or for occasional constipation 
  • Cape aloe aka Aloe Ferox, significantly more potent than Aloe Vera 


Artichoke: First and only 500mg full globe vegetarian capsule, in the purest native form that was not chemically treated 


  1.     Choleretic- enhance bile synthesis therefore fat digestion.
  2.     Hepatoprotective – protects the liver and even helps liver cells to regenerate. 
  3.     Lowers the cholesterol – major cause of metabolic and heart diseases
  4.     Helps with indigestion especially after heavy meal:  better digestion- better nutrition
  5.     Adjuvant in weight loss program – clear liver, less toxin overload, faster fat burning 
  6.     Antioxidant – improves diabetes by several mechanisms

Why is Cape Aloe and Artichoke the Perfect Duo? 

Symptomatic treatment with immediate effects on 

  • Constipation- Cape Aloe
  • Indigestion – (heartburn) – Artichoke.  

Long term benefits: 

  • Cape Aloe: regulating bowel movement and at the same time cleansing the bowel. It is more than just a constipation relief!
  • Artichoke: Clear and repair the liver, help with the elimination of fat and overall balance metabolism. As hepatoprotective, it helps the liver to reach full metabolizing and detoxifying  capacity therefore impacts the body as whole. 

Cape Aloe and Artichoke have been reportedly considered a great addition to high protein diets. Doctors who work with Sloth MD products have had not only great results with the issue but also happy and healthy patients with less or no side effects at all. 

With all this knowledge you can now prescribe Perfect Duo with confidence.


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